Thursday, March 28, 2013

We have new baby chicks! I wanted to try and hatch babies out of the incubator and so Jason's dad and stepmom loaned us the incubator and gave us some of their eggs to try it. I thought that it would be a great learning experience for Addy. (And me! I've never hatched out eggs before) The 21 days were up yesterday, but Monday night they started hatching!
 Waiting for the egg to hatch is the hardest part!!

It's a long waiting game sometimes!!
And it's out!! Addy was totally amazed by this!
A beautiful, healthy chick has just arrived! :)
 The one in front is called a naked neck chicken. They aren't the prettiest ever, but Addy loves them and they're a hardy chicken. We now have 3!
Chicken hatching is fun. I now have 7 healthy chicks and maybe more if the other eggs hatch. One is having some distress, but I'm hoping that it can pull through and survive. I think if it does it might be called Lucky!



  1. WOW what a great experience and they are so cute! I came over from Deezy! Happy to follow you now!
    Scrappy hugs, Connie