Monday, March 12, 2012

One of the things that I'm doing with old picture frames

I have a large picture frame that I have taken the original bad picture out of and spray painted. While I kept looking at it and loving it, I just couldn't quite figure out what to do with it....cover another piece to fit in it with scrapbook and mount pictures? hmmmm yes that is an idea or cover and make a tray like I'd seen on Pinterest? Yes I still plan on doing that- just not with this frame. Because from my vantage point on the loveseat, with my trusty laptop searching Pinterest for some new craft ideas, I happened to look up and see this...

I had bought this metal wall piece at Hobby Lobby years ago and have always loved it. I've got a pitcher that I found at a yard sale and filled with greenery and a first edition Little Women book that was my Mom's in it. But not until today did I ever think it looked a little bare...Until my bright idea...

Now I absolutely love it even more than before! I would probably like it even better if I had it on a different colored wall or a different colored frame, and the picture does not do it justice. Let's just say it is definitely one of my new favorite things

 Repurposing an Ugly Plant Stand
I have an old plant stand that I got at an auction when the one piece I wanted got bunched in with a lot of well...there's no other way to put it...junk. Have you ever been to an auction where something the auctioneer holds up won't even bring an opening bid so they stick something that is good with it? Seems like it happens to me all the time. I go to auctions and bid on stuff that appeals to me and not stuff that's worth money. Well this plant stand is an example of a "junk" piece. I placed a bid of $5 and one wanted it and it was mine! I got the other item I was really wanting and this was the "bonus" piece that came with it.

It's not the ugliest thing in the world but so not my style, so I tucked it away from sight in the scrapbook room and basically forgot about it...until the other day when I got bored and was wandering around the room trying to decide what I wanted to do. So I pulled out the ugly stand and my trusty can of spray paint and started covering it.

I didn't sand it down first so that the paint wouldn't cover evenly. I wanted the vintage look and parts of the wood coming out made the piece look like it wasn't freshly painted.
After the paint had dried I found some clear stickers left over from scrapbooking. There were a bunch on the 2 pages and they were all related to time.

I started with one of the larger stickers placed toward the center and kept working my way til I had a design that I liked.

And I had enough stickers to cover it the way I wanted.

After getting all the stickers placed I then covered it with several coats of Mod Podge letting it dry well between coats. I put on enough that the edges of the stickers weren't noticeable. (About 4 coats).
I also let the spray paint cure for about a day and then took a fine sandpaper block and lightly distressed some places on the base and legs. I also sprayed some acryllic sealer on over everything. Be careful though- the paint bubbled on me which was what I wanted since I was going for vintage. I just didn't touch it for hours to make sure it wouldn't peel.

 And the completed project

Now this is a piece that has a spot of honor now! I almost hate to cover it with a plant!

Friday, March 9, 2012

I love this cake! I've made several for different showers and they are all so cute. Very easy to make.

 This is all edible except for the legs! The bottom is a cake ball covered with a fondant diaper.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another beautiful day! With the significant other away on a 3 month job, sometimes it's hard to get motivated. I get that feeling of "I can do that later" and sometimes stuff starts piling up. My crafting table is a great example. I decided that while SO is gone I am going to do so many of the projects that I've wanted to get done. SO has been gone for a week and a half, and I've got one project completed. It is a good one but still! I think that the couch and computer are getting more attention! That stops TODAY! Yes I am going to get something done!! Pictures to come!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I'm still in love with Pinterest. This is like a time warp for me. I sit down to take a break, start lookig and the next thing I know, I've lost an hour, or 2 or..... Well you get the picture! I've started making some projects and recipes that I'm finding so it can't be a complete waste of time, huh?? :) One of my favorite so far of the projects has been the homemade coasters made out of 4x4 tiles, scrapbook paper and Mod Podge. These are great! I used my Cricut to cut a perfect square, then Mod Podged it until I could not feel the edges. I also used some acrylic sealer to make them water proof. I had some leftover felt for the bottoms and now have more coasters than I know what to do with!