Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My cozy retreat from the world!

This is my scrapbook room. I've combined a mish mash of furniture over the last couple of years and just made it all work! I'm a "junker" at heart! I'd much rather have older pieces that I get for free or next to nothing than spend the cash that could otherwise be put towards my hobby!

This is my embellishment bookcase. I found it at a yard sale and the size was perfect! I have clear glass recycled jars full of chipboard letters and embellishments, spare ribbon and lace, flowers, anything that I had opened and then wanted to consolidate. I also keep punches, inks, my Ice Stickles, and other things there.

Then my pegboard. Jason had an extra piece that he wasn't using so he hung it up for me. It holds about anything that's unopened with a hole!

 My machines. I have 2 Imagines and my Expression 2 that I use an old computer desk and an old dining table to sit them on. The computer desk also holds 2 of my Cricut binders and my photo boxes. It's right behind my desk for easy access!

 The desk closet is my spare. I put them together so that anyone that came over to work would be facing me so we could visit while we crafted. Usually it's my 5 year old granddaughter that sits here and works with me! My desk is an antique library table that Jason bought me at an auction. It pretty large and has a shelf on the bottom that holds my tub of paper scraps. At the side of my desk is a small laptop desk so that I can use my laptop for the Craft Room, but it won't take up room on my table. I also use the table part of it to keep my snacks and drinks on.

My paper stash. I've done some purging and got about a 1/3 of it gone. But I've still got a ton! My 3 Art Bin cartridge containers also sit on top of the holders.

I have another small table for my embellishment spinner and my Cuttlebug that butts up against the desk also.

 My wall art and you can see my Stickle rack.

My old laptop hooked up to speakers so that I can either watch Netflix or listen to a playlist on Spotify. I also keep my coffee k cups in the bookcase. The bottom shelf is full of Addy's crafts.

My other bookcase that's full of scrapbooks, craft magazines, some embellishments and the bottom shelf is old cookbooks that I didn't have room for in my cookbook bookcase.

Last on my tour is my Keurig! I am a coffee fanatic, so when I planned my room I wanted a Keurig so that I could have a cup of coffee whenever I wanted. I spoiled myself with this one!

That's my tour! I've got lots more I want to do and I'm running out of room! But I figure I can always find another spot to stick something!! All it takes is a little rearranging!


  1. Beth I am disappointed with you! I did not even get an honorary mention in this blog! Haha!
    Love it!

  2. Ok I fixed that!! lol My excuse- it was late and I was tired!! :)