Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yesterday's project! I've been wanting to make some changes to the plain ordinary back splash in the kitchen for awhile now. White is not my style! But I didn't see the SO letting me rip it down and put up something new "When it's still perfectly good". So I had bought the Kate's Kitchen Imagine cartridge for my recipe scrapbook a few months back. I'd been looking for some time at it, just thinking how cool the images fit my retro love in the kitchen. I have vintage small appliances that I love and use and if I EVER get to remodel my kitchen it will look along the lines of s 50's kitchen! I love this quote and I decided to cut it out of vinyl using my Cricut Expression 2 and the Paper Lace 2 font. I did not use transfer paper with this because I wanted the tipsy look of the letters so I just free handed them on the wall with brown vinyl. Then I found 2 images on the Imagine cartridge that had the same color scheme and especially the same background mat and printed them on Imagine vinyl. I love this look and the great part is the fact that if I get tired of it I can remove it easily! Whatcha think?? Now I'm doing some different images to finish out sections of the back splash with the Imagine vinyl that are bare and I think might need a pop of color!

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