Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Atlantic Hearts Challenge Sketch

May- the time of storms here in the South! I've been trying to get this blog post up since yesterday, but with the destructive tornado in Moore, OK (where I used to live) and the fact that it was pushing this way, I got distracted following the news. That and I had a wonderful calamity with my paper rack! While I was watching the news and trying to cook dinner, I heard a loud bang coming from the scrapbook room and this is what I found-

My paper rack is completely gone! It collapsed under the weight of my paper stacks!

So the project that I was trying to make went on hold and this is the one that I had already made and wasn't really pleased with. The sketch is below-

This is what I did with it--

I plan on giving this card to my granddaughter this weekend for her preschool graduation. She need a little something for such a big achievement!

To see more of the challenge designs got to http://atlanticheartschallenge.blogspot.com/  and check them out!


  1. It is a really fun card, and I'm sure your granddaughter will love it.

  2. I think is is very nice(I love that green) nad i know that your granddaughter will too!!!

  3. Oh, my. Sorry about your paper rack. I think I have the same one. Knock on wood that mine doesn't do that too.

    Your card is super cute and I'm sure the granddaughter will love it.

    Mary Ellen