Monday, October 21, 2013

A month of ups and downs!

What a month! I was just looking at the date of my last post and it's almost been a month since I've written a post. I had to step out for the last design team post and the month that has been in between has been full of ups and downs. My granddaughter ran in the Princess Elberta pageant right after the last post, my Mom had an aortic anuerysm the next week and is still in the hospital recovering and last week I had shoulder surgery! One up- then 2 down and then this last weekend my daughter in law ran for the Mrs. Arkansas title so another up. I guess it's balancing itself out! :) I havent' got to craft very much this last month and it makes me very cranky to be away from my desk for very long!! This week's design team sketch was a perfect excuse to lock myself away in the scrap room and get my craft on!!

This is the sketch for this week!

And then I made a layout with it! I love this layout- I'm in a group on Facebook where I have to do 50 projects before I can buy anything new. It is really making me use some paper and things that I've forgotten about! My goal is to get 50 layouts made before I buy anything new. That's 2 albums and a start on a third!! Wish me luck!

If you are in love with this sketch the way I am then check out the rest of the design team's work at and be sure and play along! Leave a comment on their blog if you decide to play and this blog led you there! Until next time- ride the downs out, coast through the ups and have a lovely crafty fall!


  1. Love this layout, the flowers are beautiful. Great job.

  2. Love your layout! I also love when people do layouts with the sketches and I always say I am going to and don't. Great job! And good luck on the challenge, I really need to be something like that!