Tuesday, July 16, 2013

If it could go wrong....it did!

This is my second attempt for the week. I took my stuff camping to get some peace, quiet and relaxation. It all worked, until I got home. Getting there was a battle to start with. Planned arrival times got delayed and then when we were almost there a gallon of milk shot out of the refrigerator on a turn and split. Milk poured across the floor.....and it's carpet. When we got back my youngest son started tearing out the carpet and I guess that it turned loose termites. They were everywhere, so the youngest took out some spray and proceeded to spray everything, including my bag with my card for this week's design in it. I've scrambled around and came up with this for this week's sketch challenge!

The sketch-

And my take on it-

Hope you like this one! If you'd like to see more from the wonderful design team, head on over to http://atlanticheartschallenge.blogspot.ca/ Thanks for looking and have a great rest of the week!


  1. I think the card is lovely, the colors work well together, and it is subtle.

  2. This is beautiful. Bad luck losing the first one and I do not envy you dealing with the termites.

  3. Thank you! It's a close copy of the one that I made to start with. I do realize that I may have to buy a new camera! Mine is starting to blur out some pictures and I couldn't get a crisp shot of this one. I'm wanting to hold out til Christmas and ask for one then. This camera is only 6 years old!

  4. Lovely card, and in a few years you will be laughing at this story. That's what memories are made of.